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About campaign Zagreb - the European capital of trash

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Zelena akcija has been actively working on improving waste management in Zagreb for more than 20 years, and together with the association "Right to the City" launched the campaign "Zagreb - the European capital of trash" in 2015.

The campaign is still very active and includes many activities such as protest actions, press releases, forums, education, online campaigns, meetings, making promotional materials, recommendations for decision-makers, etc. With Zelena akcija as the campaign coordinator, and "Right to the City", the local associations UZOR Resnik and EKO Zagreb are also participating in the campaign. The aim of the campaign is to improve the waste management system in Zagreb in order to reduce the amount of waste and increase separation and recycling, establish a fair charge and prevent harmful incineration and disposal of valuable raw materials.

The campaign was named like this because the city of Zagreb was proclaimed last in waste separation and recycling by the European Commission report in 2015 which analysed the 28 capitals of the European Union. Because of a poor separation system based on tanks that are too far away from households and thus unavailable to citizens, Zagreb separates only 1 percent of the total amount of municipal waste. According to the same report, the neighboring Ljubljana is in the first place with a share of separation and recycling of over 60 percent, and in front of Zagreb there are Vienna (fifth place) and Prague (9th place). Examples of London (7th place) and Berlin (8th place) prove that a good waste separation system is also possible in much bigger cities than Zagreb.

Follow the campaign through its Facebook page and Zelena akcija's website.

Marko Košak - campaign coordinator

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