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Mission and vision


Zelena akcija/FoE Croatia strives for an ecologically and socially sustainable society at the local and global level in which citizens, through participation and cooperation, preserve nature and the environment and achieve a high quality of life.


FoE Croatia is an association of citizens for the protection of the environment and nature and the promotion of sustainable development in the Republic of Croatia, and has been active since 1990. FoE Croatia is resolutely and professionally tackling the challenges and threats to the environment and human health at the local, national and global levels by mobilising the public to halt the destruction of ecosystems and climate change. FoE Croatia achieves its goals through non-violent direct actions, campaigns, informing and education, joint action of professional teams and volunteers and cooperation with other organisations with the participation of the public.


  • volunteerism
  • professionalism
  • solidarity (with civil society, external and internal)
  • equality
  • consistency and credibility
  • acceptance of diversity
  • perseverance
  • humor
  • responsibility
  • advocacy for the common good
  • cooperation and togetherness
  • striving for consensus and democracy
  • quality of life
  • affirming responsibility and considerate attitude towards the environment and nature
  • self-initiative
  • honesty
  • creativity and innovation
  • transparency
  • openness to change
  • critical thinking

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