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Swap party! vol.14 @Zelena akcija - ready for the beach!

22.3.2023.  23

Zelena akcija / Friends of the Earth Croatia invites you to the summer edition of the "Swap party", which will be held on Wednesday, June 28, from 17.00 to 19.00 in Zelena akcija (Frankopanska 1, Zagreb).

Apart from summer wardrobe, this time we are exchanging everything related to the beach; whether it is the sea, pool, river, artificial or natural lakes - hence "chill" or "fjaka". This will also be the last "swap" of this season, and we are taking a break until autumn.

IMPORTANT: Since the heat has started, we can't even look at woolen sweaters, hats and the like, so this Wednesday is EXCLUSIVELY reserved for the exchange of summer clothes. Store warm things like vests, jackets and thick jeans in the closet and let them wait for the first autumn "swap" in September.

Suggestion of other things you can take with you:

  • Swimsuits (small, big, but unworn or minimally worn)
  • Beach towels (preserved)
  • Beach bags
  • Balloons and other inflatable objects
  • Books for the beach
  • Sunglasses
  • Hats
  • Summer tops and tunics for the beach
  • Flip-flops and other flip-flops
  • Inflatable pools

Keep in mind that everything you bring should be in good condition, that is unnecessary or surplus to you, and not used. With this practice, we want to promote values such as (self)sustainability, the culture of repairs and reuse, actively opposing consumerism and the culture of throwing away. Come and find something for yourself, and find new owners for your old but preserved things in a pleasant and friendly environment!

What is a Swap Party?

A swap party is, in its basic form, a meeting or party where people get together to swap clothes, shoes, accessories, and the like, all to get rid of things they won't use anymore.

What will it look like?

Take with you a maximum of 10 items related to the beach and the beach experience. Since the warm days are already here, bring only summer things from your wardrobe. You come to Zelena akcija and bring us things. There, we will check them, sort them by size and place them in a visible place. We will give you 1 token for each thing you bring and we will take turns in the selection so that everyone has an equal chance to find something for themselves.

6 reasons why to go to the Swap party!

  • Buying every new piece of clothing encourages the fast fashion industry to continue its production despite the negative consequences for the environment and human rights.
  • The Earth's limited resources are used to produce new clothing.
  • New clothes can contain countless chemicals, dyes and microplastic particles that cause damage to the soil, air, groundwater - but also to the people who make the clothes.
  • Working conditions in the fast fashion industry are often inhumane and violate human, labor and women's rights.
  • Environmentally and ethically acceptable clothes that are better for people and the environment can be expensive, which not everyone can afford.
  • Satisfy the need for new, save money and reduce your own environmental footprint!

Let's cultivate a culture of exchange, not waste creation and consumerism! All objects that remain without owners will be donated to the social cooperative Humana Nova in Zagreb. See you on Wednesday in Zelena akcija!

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