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Civil society united in demands for a green plan and declaration of climate crisis!

Zelena akcija/FoE Croatia, Center for Peace Studies, Green Philosophical faculty and several other organisations are asking the Government for a green and fair new plan for Croatia and from the Parliament to declare the climate crisis.

Today, activists of FoE Croatia, on behalf of 10 organisations and the national network Green Forum, submitted requests to the Government and the Parliament for urgent action on the issue of climate change. On St Mark's Square, they put up a big banner with the message "Let's raise our voice, not the temperature" and played the statements of citizens from the climate protest that took place on Earth Day. "The voice of the people that could be heard today is clear and the government must no longer ignore it", said Luka Tomac, president of FoE Croatia.

Energy issues are not the only ones, but are crucial in the transition process. Therefore, it is necessary to urgently improve all policies, starting with the National Energy and Climate Plan, the revision of which is ongoing, but closed to the public. "We demand that the Government suspend all investments in the fossil fuel industry as planned. Specifically, to stop the increase in the capacity of the Krk LNG terminal, to close the Plomin 2 thermal power plant on imported coal until 2026, not to allow the exploration and exploitation of gas and oil in Croatia after 2035 etc.", explained Tomac and added: "Instead, investments should be redirected to massively encourage energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. Also, citizens and their communities must be enabled to be active participants in the energy transition".

The climate crisis greatly threatens humanity, but moments for building a better society should also be recognised. "The green and just new plan for Croatia must be based not only on green policies, but it should also integrate socioeconomic rights that will simultaneously contribute to the fight against social inequalities", Tomac commented.

Antonia Pindulić, lawyer of the Center for Peace Studies, agrees with this and emphasises that fighting for human rights is impossible without the fight for climate and socioeconomic justice. "One of our demands within the framework of the green plan is the creation of a national strategy to combat energy poverty, including its legal definition and categorisation. It is also necessary to adopt official plans at local levels, so that it can be systematically monitored and adequately resolved. We demand solidary, responsible, sustainable and comprehensive policies that are implemented in practice for the dignity of every woman, man, child and every being on this planet", Pindulić said.

Climate change is a topic that especially concerns young people because the policies that are made today will have the most significant impact on their future. That is why the student Initiative Green Philosophical faculty (Zeleni Filozofski) joined the demands. Fran Kušan Munjin, a member of the initiative, expressed disappointment in our elected officials because they persistently refuse to accept the reality of the climate crisis, continue to support the fossil fuel industry and move too slowly towards clean energy. "We ask the Government and the Parliament to listen to the instructions of the Croatian activist network, which has been tirelessly pointing out the problems in their policies. We want them to listen to the advice of the world scientific community, which has almost unanimously declared that the world is in grave danger. We want them to convince us that they take the climate crisis seriously and that they will spend the next ten years doing everything in their power to switch to renewable energy sources. I hope they will support us", Kušan Munjin emphasised.

In addition to the green plan, the associations seek a symbolic declaration of a climate emergency or climate crisis. "We call on the Parliament, as the holder of the legislative power, to take actions aimed at the urgent reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, a just transition, protection of natural resources and strengthening of resistance to climate change. The declaration of the climate crisis would be a strong signal that the Government is aware of the urgency of the situation and is ready to take the necessary steps", Tomac concluded.

FoE Croatia climate demands were supported by: Green Forum, Society for Sustainable Development Design, Initiative Zeleni Filozofski, Extinction Rebellion Zagreb, Fridays For Future Croatia, Cyclists' Union, Center for Peace Studies, Croatian Youth Network, feminist collective fAKTIV, Operation City and Zagreb Anti-Fascist Network.

You can find the recording of statements from the climate protest on this link.


Civil society united in demands for a green plan and declaration of climate crisis!

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